skating with some fav's :) <3
skating with some fav's :) <3


Redmen game, turkey dinner and lobster


Hey guys :)

So, since I didn't wirte anything for like 2 months (ups :s) -and I am really sorry abut that! - I decided, to finally write another blogentry. I feel like writing in English, so I hope it doesn't bother you.

I can finally say that I started thinking and dreaming in English and my parents can attest that my German isn't that good anymore :p


Soo...what's up...mmh..well since it's like one month ago since i wrote something here, a lot of stuff happened. For example: I had lobster for the first time in my life and it was actually not that bad hahaha :) We went skating, skiiing and snowboarding (yes, i snowboarded hahah :D ) and life just went on like usually. One time when me and Mathilde (my hostsister) came home from skating, Tracie told us to dress up and we had a fancy family supper hahah :) -> turkey dinner *_*

Yesterday I went shopping and to the Redmen game (our school hockeytime <3) with a few friends. Unfortunately we lost, but oh well...we won the school hockey tournament. That compensates it, eh?! :p

My highschool has a great schoolspirit! At the hockey games the hockeyrink is always packed! Everybody is wearing the schoolcolours (red and white) and it's just so much fun ! :)

Vince ( my hostbrother) left and moved to Edmonton,Alberta to live with his sister. He found an awesome job there and he will visit us soon! :)


One thing i realized since i am here is, that all canadians (or most of em) are going to Cuba or Mexico for vacation. :p Did you know that Americans are not allowed to go to Cuba? The government doesn't like Cuba. :'D So the Americans dress up like Canadians and try to get Candian passports hahah :p 


yeah...of course a lot of other /unimportant stuff happened this month, but I am kinda too lazy to write anymore, and I also forgot it hahah :P

So...i ll see ya, eh? :p :)

xoxox Charlotte


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    Jakob (Sonntag, 04 März 2012 00:08)

    I see, you started thinking and dreaming in english!
    Only problem: Dad understands nothing !!! ;)

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    Jakob (Sonntag, 04 März 2012 00:14)

    Well, he just doesn't understand some parts!

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    Eva (Montag, 12 März 2012 14:39)

    She's thinking in german again :) <3